How Better Pool Planning Helps Your Home Development

If you’re in the process of building a new home, you’re probably feeling quite a bit of excitement over the construction. New homes can give you and your family everything you’ve ever wanted within a residence. Best of all, the new construction means you can have it done exactly your way.

Many people also opt for custom concrete pools in their overall home and property design. However, they opt to build and install the pool after the initial home construction is complete.

Believe it or not, this could be a big mistake for you if you’re already planning a pool. In fact, getting your pool planning and construction done ahead of time can save you a significant amount of money in the long run.

The Benefits of Pool Planning

Below, check out several reasons why pool planning ahead of time will help you in your overall home development. As you’ll see, there are all sorts of benefits to planning ahead of time.

  • Easier Access to the Building Site: In most cases, it will be much easier for construction equipment to get into your yard for the pool construction prior to home construction. If the house has already been built, you may lose that easy access and incur a much higher expense for a custom concrete pool.
  • Lower Potential Engineering Costs: In many cases, a home’s foundation or its alfresco piers will require underpinnings or piling during the construction, which often bears a great expense. When your pool is built first, however, the walls can be used as a piling as an excellent cost-saving measure.
  • Expanded Home Design Ideas: Pool walls can be constructed under a residence as well. This extension will allow a wider range of potential design ideas that all complement one another. If you choose to install a pool later, you may experience a disparity in design or construction materials, which interferes with your home’s overall aesthetic.
  • Pool Walls Can Serve as Retaining Walls: Custom concrete pools are built with quality in mind to accommodate the pressure from water. As a result, they can also serve as a load bearing wall for your home construction itself. That can save you more money by eliminating the need for other retaining walls. Even better, these pool walls can also be used to help with retaining your garden. If the slope of your property is uneven, installing a pool wall can eliminate the problems you would otherwise experience when adding a restraining wall to help support your garden. You can accomplish two objectives at the same time: enjoying a high quality pool wall and enjoying a retaining wall for your garden.
  • Money Saved on Fencing: If you put up fencing prior to your pool construction, you may have to spend even more money removing it or excavating the pool with chemical grout. By installing the pool first, you can install the fencing after and avoid these headaches.

West Coast Custom Pools: Making It Easy for You

If you’re ready to enhance your new home construction with a wonderfully luxurious, custom concrete pool, West Coast Custom Pools is here for you. We’re your trusted source for superior design, construction, and savings here in Perth. To learn more about how West Coast Custom Pools can transform your pool dreams into reality, phone us on 0410 500 687 today.

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