Making a Splash in Small Spaces

When you do not have a large yard, you may assume your backyard is too small to consider investing in a pool. Maybe you think a pool will take up too much of your usable space. Or, you may believe a small pool would be unattractive or look out of place. You may want to keep thinking. You can have a gorgeous, custom designed pool tailored to suit your space and your needs.

Put a Pool in a Unique Space

It is possible to fit a small scale custom pool into a minimal space. Your pool can be small-scale without sacrificing usability. This does require some expertise. There are many ways to upscale the small-scale pool. With a bit of creativity, smart planning and just enough space, a custom pool may be just what you need for your families health, fitness and recreation.

Spark Your Imagination

One of the most creative ways to include a concrete pool in your outdoor space is to have your pool installed right up against your home, or up to a decorative wall. A custom pool can be designed to utilise any available shape and can fit beautifully into any unoccupied area of your yard. You may have space for a long, narrow pool. Maybe you have space for a square pool and patio. A creative concrete design frees your options. You will not be limited to a standard shape.

Think outside the box.  Your new pool does not need to be accessible from all sides. Your pool design can incorporate existing features of the surrounding area. You can add features that make you pool unique. Add tiles, add fountains or waterfalls.

Form and Function

A small custom pool is the product of innovative design and precise construction. To fit a small pool in a unique space requires modern engineering techniques. You need an experienced designer. A compact pool design is more challenging than the design of a standard sized pool.

We recently designed and constructed a three-metre wide custom pool that beautifully utilised the client’s space from the house to the retaining wall on the property.  This creative use of space transformed the yard into a stylish, relaxing retreat.

A well-designed pool is beautiful to look at and an excellent addition to your home for relaxing or entertaining. You can have a full-size pool experience even if your available space is limited. Transform your yard into a stylish, relaxing retreat. An integrated pool will create lasting memories for you and your family.

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