Tips for Getting Your Concrete Pool Ready for Summer

Summer is just about here in Perth. That means that pool season is just about here as well. So, now is the time to remove the cover and see exactly what you’re dealing with when it comes to your aquatic escape.

If you’re feeling a bit anxious about the opening process, not to worry. Check out these great tips on how to get your pool ready for a great summer season.

Thoroughly Clean the Pool

At the start of the season, it’s critically important to get your pool sparkling clean. Make sure to perform a top-to-bottom clean before you complete any other steps. You can perform this task manually if you’re all about getting your hands dirty. If you have a robotic cleaner or other automated solution, that can also help make it a bit easier.

Empty and Clean the Skimmer Box

Your skimmer box must also be emptied and cleaned out. Take this opportunity to be as comprehensive as possible. A lot of debris may have accumulated during the off-season. This will ensure your filtration system remains top-notch through the rest of the summer.

Test Pool Water Quality

Now is the time to make sure your water is clean and acceptable for swimming. You can either test your water at home with a pool water kit or you can take a sample to a pool shop for a test. This will help you identify if any problems are present or if the pH levels are imbalanced.

Verify Salt Levels and Adjust as Necessary

Just like other levels in the water quality, your custom concrete pool needs to have an optimal salt water level. You can add more salt if you need it – but take it slowly and be careful of adding too much.

Add Additional Chemicals as Needed

Based on your water levels, you may also need to add additional chemicals to the pool. Always check with a pool store for all the safety standards and requirements you need prior to adding any more chemicals in the pool.

Check Equipment in Your Pool Plant Room

Finally, have a look at your pool plant room to ensure all the equipment is properly functioning. If there are any problems in any of the hardware, you may want to consult a specialist in pool repairs for safe and effective maintenance services.

Let Summer Shine on with West Coast Custom Pools

Are you in the market for a new custom concrete pool in Perth? For all your pool needs, West Coast Custom Pools is here for you. We provide you with superior quality pools custom-designed for your specific needs and wants. To hear more about all the amazing concrete pool options, we can outfit in your home, please phone us today on 0410 500 687.

Here’s to a sunny and fun summer right at the poolside.

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